Jun 08

Social enterprise ecosystem in the Baltics

What is going on in the Baltic countries regarding social enterprise ecosystem? What kind of issues we all share and what practical actions could be taken to tackle them?

These were the questions to explore in Tallinn in mid-May. Impactful social enterprises – difficult questions, practical solutions event was organised by Jaan Aps from Estonian Social Enterprise Network. The event was a dissemination event of a EU-funded progamme, mapping the social enterprise support ecosystems in Baltics and Scandinavia.

Designing the social enterprise dashboard

How do we know the direction we  are going? How fast? We discussed in groups and designed our dashboards to measure the social enterprise sector.

The changemakers’ portal

The Maailmamuutjad portal is a tool for social enterprises to report their impact in an easy and simple way. It is also a Jaan Aps and his colleagues have been developing the portal for few years and now it was ready to be launched.

Read more about the practical Estonian approach to impact measurement here.

All in all, we were happy to discuss different views on the social enterprise sector and its development. All societies are a bit different in some aspects, but very similar in others. We got to know many people, with whom to collaborate in the future.

Visit the Social Entrepreneurship Support Network to find more useful information and contacts!

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