Do you want to develop new social innovations?

Make use of the Tekes innovation voucher to get Impactor services without cost to you!

Innovation voucher?

You can use the innovation voucher to purchase services to develop new innovations. Get support for your first steps toward growth!

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For whom?

For social or impact enterprises

Do you want to develop new impactful products or services? Do you have an idea for an impact innovation?

For micro or small and medium -sized enterprises (SMEs)

Do you want to develop new innovations to solve a social or environmental problem?

Utilise the opportunity for support in your innovation development now!
What services do we offer with the innovation voucher?
Developing a social innovation

Do you want to develop an innovation that has impact at its core? Let’s sit down together to brainstorm how you will need to design your business to get to the change you want to see in the world! We will also develop internal processes to model and measure this impact and smooth them into your everyday operations.

Funding a social innovation

How can you fund a social innovation? Who is willing to pay for your impact and success? We will help you map out new kinds of financing opportunities e.g. from the perspective of impact investing or crowdfunding.

How will you utilise the innovation voucher?

What is your idea?

What is your company’s mission? Do you need help with modelling, measuring and scaling your impact?

Get in touch!

Book a planning meeting with us to map your needs and develop a plan on how to move forward.

No cost or commitment at this stage!

After this you can apply for the Tekes innovation voucher.

Getting your innovation started

We will reach the next phase in developing and financing your social innovation.

Reporting to Tekes

We will jointly make a report for Tekes. Impactor will invoice Tekes directly.

Get in touch!

Call Kristiina at 050 5752530, drop her a mail at kristiina.ullgren(a) or leave a message for us to contact you!

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