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Jenni Selosmaa Impactor

Jenni Selosmaa

Co-Founder / Impact Investors

With a background in finance, research and social psychology, I aim to make economy better serve the people. I am a strong proponent of the new sharing economy that combines old things with new ways of doing them such as community crowdfunding in internet platforms.

After having worked both in venture capital and private wealth management I am motivated in connecting good investment opportunities with good people. I have experience in mentoring and sparring with entrepreneurs and changemakers and I have co-founded four companies in the last seven years. I have experience in using simple and lean strategies and digital tools in business development.

jenni.selosmaa (at) impactor.fi

Kristiina Ullgrén

Co-Founder / Members

At Impactor, I’m inspired by combinig the great vision of sustainable society and the practical, measurable actions. We need both theory and action.
My background is mainly in the banking IT. I have been contributing to many significant banking service projects. Recent years, I got more into the organisational change and ways of working initiatives. I have experience in lean and agile coaching and methodologies.Now I am on the path to learn more holistic approaches to the wellbeing at work and life. I want to be building a society, where the economy enables people to do meaningful work, do it well and feel safe about having their basic needs met.

kristiina.ullgren (at) impactor.fi
+358 50 5752530

Cooperative members

Saila Kokkonen Impactor

Saila Kokkonen


Changemaker & Coach

Aino Elina Muhonen


Tommi Ullgrén


Fractal Superconnector

Kirsi Joenpolvi

Facilitator & Process Designer, Sustainable Community Builder

Sampsa Fabritius


Sari Kuvaja

Cooperative member

Sari Kuvaja Signals
Corporate Responsibility, Stakeholder Relations and Communications, Nonprofit Partnerships
sarijohanna.kuvaja (at) gmail.com
+358 40 528 2820

Jaana Pylvänen

Cooperative member


Member cooperative

Coaching for growth. Read more about Kasvuhuone


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