Jan 28

6.4.2016 Impact Meetup: Modelling your impact

When? 6.4.2016 17:00-19:00

Where? Helsinki Think Company (Vuorikatu 5)

For whom? All impact-minded individuals:)

How much? Free!

Welcome to the Impact Meetup on modelling your impact!

Impact measurement is a tough nut to crack and comes up in most conversations around social and impact enterprises.

  • Why is modelling and measuring impact important anyway?
  • What is the difference between outputs and impact?
  • What are the preconditions for your success in having the impact you aim for?
  • How can involving your stakeholders in impact modelling from the very beginning improve your chances of success?

A preliminary stage to measuring your impact is modelling the impact you aim to have. Practice hands-on impact modelling with the logic model and join the discussion!


This meetup is the third in the following series of meetups:

  • Jan 26th: How to structure an impact enterprise using the Social Business Model Canvas
  • Feb 24th: Today’s cooperativism & financing cooperatives
  • Apr 6th: Modelling your impact
  • May 3rd: Crowdfunding for impact enterprises

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