Transforming the economy to benefit people and the planet

Our goal is to help the impact businesses to get funded and grow

Modeling and clarifying your impact

What is your theory of making the world a better place?

Measuring and improving your impact

What are the relevant measurements? How do you collect data of your impact and improve based on empirical results?

Developing sustainable impact business model

How do you make business and solve societal problems at the same time?

Funding your impact enterprise

What is needed to become funding-ready? How to fund business with impact?

Lean and practical methodologies

Our methodology is built on lean and practical approach to understand and measure impact, benchmarked, adapted and developed from experts around the world. Our tools are designed to help you gain clarity, in order for you to work towards your mission. It is important to be able to communicate your goal and progress towards it.

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Workshops, accelerators or coaching

We run workshops and trainings, for individual companies and bigger groups. We love co-creational and participatory methods, because those bring lasting results in complex and ambiguous challenges we are set to solve.

We are have built a network of partners, advisors and investors, whom we can reach whenever it is needed.

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